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Felt the itch to create something today. When I make my own art, I experiment with techniques or directives I would use with a client. In this way, I can experience the art activity from the perspective of the client. and then evaluate whether the activity would be appropriate for a client, or consider altering it to make it suit a client.
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Finding Wholeness Piece by Piece — Resources for Kids with Absent Parents

I stumbled across the title track of Kelly Clarkson’s most recent album, “Piece by Piece,” when a friend shared it on Facebook. Little did I know that I was about to hear a song about healing from the hurt of an absent parent. In this song, Clarkson emotionally tells the journey of how she was […]

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Mindfulness Based Art Therapy Exercises: Strengthening One’s Mind, Body, and Spirit — BayArt

Mindfulness based art therapy is a combination of basic art therapy and meditation principles. The idea of using art therapy as a treatment isn’t a new one. Art therapy has been effectively used to help manage chronic pain, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder, depression, anger, anxiety, and physical and mental trauma. Mindfulness, on contrary, guides an […]

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The Healing Effects of Colour Therapy — Art Xtedia

Colours are everywhere, simply all around us, if you really pay attention to it. Even as you read this article you will notice the colour all around your home and even outdoor if you are on mobile. It is something that excites your senses consciously and sub-consciously. Colours have their origins and it is as […]

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Art Therapy Directive: vulnerability zoom

This has to be one of my favorite art therapy techniques.

The vulnerability zoom (original directive from inner canvas) is a process of art creation and uncovering the hidden layers of a work of art.

Here’s the basics on how it works:

  1. To begin: ask the client to create a work of art. When the client is finished, talk about the art they created.zoom-11.jpg


  2. Choose a spot to “zoom in” on. Imagine if we were to get a magnifying glass and view that specific spot. What would it look like?
  3. Repeat step 2.


    Artwork #3

  4. Repeat step 2 until the client feels it is the “right” time to stop. This process may go on for several sessions. And that is okay. 


Check out the full directive HERE. 

*All artwork shown is not client work. 

Incorporating “Inside Out” with Clients: A Masterpost



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