FREE March Webinars: Complicated Grief Parts I & II

2 excellent free webinars coming up in March!

Creative Arts Therapies

Hello All You Complex Creators and Open-Hearted Heroes,

I am pleased to announce the FREE registration links are now available for both Parts I and II of our online presentation on Complicated Grief, this month.

The work of grief includes the meaning making of memories; the weaving of symbol into story. Like a thumbprint, no two persons are the same, and so it is with how we make meaning of our stories.

Complicated grief is a form of prolonged, unabating grief. Supported by empirical study, this diagnosis was added to the DSM V in 2013, and is distinctly different from “normal” grief and depression. Essential to treating complicated grief is an understanding of the underlying neural mechanisms and attachment issues.

Parts I and II of our online presentation offers an Introduction to theory and treatment of complicated grief with creative arts therapies, through the frame of mindfulness and attachment.


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