DIY Feelings Monster

Art of Social Work


Okay so this is a lot easier to make than it looks… I promise.
1) find an old, unloved stuffed animal, preferably one with a flat face (works better for sticking the feeling mouths on). The one I used was previously a stuffed animal of a video game character and was on its way to Goodwill when I came up with the idea, and decided to keep it. I liked it because it had the perfect flat face/mouth area and room for eyebrows too.

2) buy three sheets of felt at your local craft store (one the color of your stuffed animal- in my case light pink, one red, one black, and one blue). Should cost a dollar or less for all of them.

3) hot glue the felt piece that is the same color as your stuffed animal to the mouth area and cut and hot glue two smaller…

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