DIY Book of Textures (sensory book)

I stumbled upon this excellent DIY tutorial to create your own sensory book.

I can picture myself using this with my clients, particularly my clients on the autism spectrum. But, I also imagine using this with clients in toddlerhood or early childhood.

According to the tutorial, here’s what you will need to construct the sensory book:

  • CD sleeves
  • 1 inch album rings
  • reinforcement labels
  • hole punch
  • double-sided tape

Here are some different materials you can use for the various textures:

  • Silk fabric
  • Leather straps
  • Snakeskin scrapbook paper
  • Plastic
  • Foam sheets
  • Fur
  • Glittery foam sheets
  • Cardboard scrapbooking sheet


Here’s what it will look like!



I can’t wait to try this out with clients!


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