Guest Post by Melissa Fields

Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance

Melissa is an Autistic adult who writes about her experiences here and here.

 No more.

I can’t take anymore being unheard,

talked over,

of being always wrong,

of being always misunderstood

just let me duct tape my mouth and become a part of the wall.

Because everything i say and do and think is always

too loud

and always wrong, wrong, wrong.


When i say that certain words, smells, textures, etc., bother me, i am not lying or trying to be mean and difficult.

I am telling the truth.

My mind works on a different plain than a normal person’s does.

I need much more reassurance.

I need more hugs.

I need more patience.

I need more time to process what is being said or done.

I need more time to collect the thoughts i am speaking.

I can’t do normal. I don;’t know how to do normal.


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What’s The Problem With Whole Body Listening?

Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance

****The Listening Larry images parodied here are the intellectual property of Social Thinking, but shown here as part of a critique in the public interest (intended in good faith as a fair use) and done without compensation on our part. – PACLA team****

Many of you have seen the poster for “Whole Body Listening”.  It’s in pretty much every special education classroom.   In the poster, Larry basically shames Autistic children because they do not listen or communicate the way that typical children do.   I am not a fan of Ableist Larry and I am horrified that this is the message we are giving to Autistic children.

For reference, this is Ableist Larry:

Poster for Poster for “Whole Body Listening” A cartoon drawing of a child, “Larry” points at a chart with images of various body parts and tips for “whole body listening”
Eyes: Look at the person talking to you

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