Learning about feelings with the ninja turtles! (+ printable)

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 7.50.07 PM.png

At a total of 10 pages, this workbook uses ninja turtle faces to accelerate learning about feelings! On some pages, there is already a feeling drawn on the ninja turtle. On others, the ninja turtle has no feeling face–leaving space for the participant to draw and make the face fit a certain feeling, such as “disgust” or “worry” or “excited.”



Each page instructs the participant to identify the feeling, color the ninja turtle’s face, and to draw and/or write about the designated feeling.

I used this book with a six-year-old client for individual therapy, and it proved to be successful (this client loved the ninja turtles!).

In the end, I used a three-hole puncher and some yarn to bind the pages together and form a book.


You can download a sample (3 pages) of this workbook on my Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE.


You can purchase the full workbook (10 pages) on my Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE.


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