Free printable: Daily Mood Chart

During my internship with children and families, I created a Daily Mood Chart for certain clients to complete each day. The chart asks the client to identify emotions felt during that day, notable events/factors that might have influenced those emotions, and ways they dealt with it all (whether “good” or “bad”).

I also added a section to monitor medication and sleep. Both of these factors can influence mood and behavior!

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 1.20.12 AM

Benefits of tracking mood–CLIENT

  • Increased awareness of feelings
  • Identify patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behavior
  • Identify factors that have a positive or negative effect on moods
  • Learn how to detect patterns and take preventative action (e.g. practicing coping skills)

Benefits of tracking mood–THERAPIST

  • Teach the client about the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behavior (excellent opportunity for CBT psychoeducation!)
  • Become increasingly aware of the client’s patterns of behavior, factors/events that affect feelings and behavior
  • Information-gathering
  • A collection of the daily charts can be a handy starting point for therapy sessions
  • Excellent way to engage client outside of the therapy room


Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store to download this Daily Mood Chart for FREE. 


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